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Dr. K. K. Mishra

Metro Piles Clinic is amongst India's leading and most preferred providers of treatment of piles, fissure and fistula. As pioneers in the piles treatment field, we believe in constantly innovating and setting new benchmarks. With over 30+ years of experience in anal piles, fissure and fistula treatment, we offer you the most professional and advanced treatment of piles, fissure and fistula. We provide Non Surgical Piles Treatment at our clinic in Delhi.

Dr. K. K. Mishra M.B.B.S (Alld), Ex. Medical Officer, Safdarjung Hospital, has been working in this speciality of treating anal diseases i.e. Piles, Fissure and Fistula since 1995 and have successfully treated thousands of patients till date. Specialization in: Anal diseases, Piles, Fissure diseases and Fistula.

We at Centre For Piles & Fistula are an eminent name engaged in offering time-tested ayurvedic therapies and treatments for curing all the Ano-Rectal Disorders such as Piles, Fistula, Fissures, Rectal Polyp, Pilonidal sinus etc. Our aim is to use Ayurveda knowledge to improve human health quality.

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Painless Piles (Hemorrhoid) Treatment With Ayurveda in Delhi NCR

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Piles Treatment in Delhi

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Metro Piles Clinic is the only Ayurvedic Piles Hospital dedicated for Ano Rectal troubles like Piles/ Fistula / Fissure, and is registered from Govt. of Delhi under hospital category with indoor facility to patients. Best Piles Doctor in Delhi is at our clinic. We Piles Specialist Doctor provide world class Piles Treatment without Operation. As a best Piles Clinic in Kalkaji Govindpuri South Delhi; we offer you the 100% Safe and Effective Painless Fistula, Fissure & Piles Treatment in Delhi.

Piles Treatment

Piles are swellings inside or around the bottom. They are common and often clear. You can usually treat piles yourself.

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Fistula Treatment

Anal fistulas are generally common among those who have had an anal abscess. Most Advanced Fistula Treatment.

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Fissures Treatment

Are you experiencing the pain of an anal fissure? Here you will learn how to help it heal and how to prevent it.

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Metro Piles Clinic is Best Piles Clinic in Delhi. Dr. K. K. Mishra is a Top Piles Specialist Doctor in Delhi NCR provide Piles Treatment in Delhi, Piles Treatment in Kalka Ji South Delhi, Piles Treatment Without Operation, Bleeding Piles Treatment.

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